Principled Conservative

Excellence in Education
As a father of three daughters, I strongly support educational choices and options for every Kansas child. I also believe that the local school board is most accountable and responsive to the voters and that is where education policy decisions should be made. The singular conservative education goal should always seek how best to provide excellence in education for ALL Kansas children at the local level.

Job Creation
I am committed to supporting Republican principles and platforms that help create an economic environment to foster private sector job growth across Kansas and our nation. Our aim as a party should be to create private sector jobs. In order to do that the party needs to influence the government to reduce the tax burden and eliminate cumbersome and unwarranted regulations so that businesses can operate more economically, efficiently and productively.

Limit the Size of Government
Inflated government spending takes money out of the pockets of hard working Kansans and small businesses. During my time in the Kansas Legislature, I consistently voted against excess spending and fought to make investments in programs that work while eliminating wasteful and ineffective government programs. Government spending should be controlled and limited.

As a small business owner, I know the roadblocks entrepreneurs face when trying to grow their business and create jobs. I believe in maintaining and enhancing a favorable tax climate for small business which would allow them the opportunity to expand and create more jobs.

Faith & Family
As a husband and father, I know that faith and family matter most. We continue to see attacks on our religious liberties and time-honored values of our society. As RNC Committeeman, I will fight to protect solid party positions that preserve our right of conscience and our right to worship freely. I am also committed to protecting life at every stage, from conception to natural death.