Rep. Mark Kahrs to Leave Kansas House of Representatives

Wichita – Today, State Representative Mark Kahrs (R-Wichita) announced his retirement from the legislature when his term ends in January 2017.

“Today, I am announcing my decision to leave the Kansas House of Representatives at the end of my current term. It has been a pleasure to serve the constituents of the 87th House district for the past four years and I remain humbled they chose me as their Representative in Topeka.”

Kahrs, a successful business owner and attorney cited family obligations as his primary reason for leaving. “As a small business owner, husband and a father of three wonderful daughters, it is important for me at this time to refocus on them and step aside for a season.”

“Serving in the legislature is a great honor but also a sacrifice which demands significant time away from home and work. All who serve are to be commended, but I view elected office as service to our community, and not a career, so I hope others will step forward as I have.”

Kahrs said keeping his promises to lower taxes, cut spending and create jobs were his most notable achievements while in the House. Working to support and promulgate legislation that sought to preserve righteousness and morality in our culture were hallmarks of his work as well. Kahrs also noted passage of legislation to move local elections to the fall, legislation which he championed while Chairman of the House Elections Committee.

“I love Kansas and have thoroughly enjoyed my time of public service, which is a tradition in my family. I plan to serve our state as its new Republican National Committeeman, and hope to run again for public office sometime in the future.

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