The Role of a Republican National Committee Member

RNC Committeemen and Committeewomen represent their state party at the national level and represent the RNC in local and state party subdivisions.

This work involves teamwork at the different levels of the GOP to coordinate the sharing of communications and other information at the local, state and national levels. It is vital to maintain connections with state party members, candidates and campaigns at all levels.

Essential Duties

National Level:

RNC Committee Membersí primary role is to elect the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee. They are also integral to the formulation of national policies through The Rules of the Republican Party, the Republican Party Platform and Member-submitted resolutions.

Committee Members also provide key guidance on the interpretation of RNC National policies and to provide input on their revision which occurs every four years at the Republican National Convention.

RNC Committee Members should attend all meetings at the state and national levels.

State and Local Level:

On a state and local level, National Committee Members serve as leaders of the Party and fulfil several different roles including: advisor, implementer, fundraiser, moderator, cheerleader, counselor, activist, and motivator. RNC Members can, from time to time, act as spokespersons for the National Committee and respective state party committees.

Other responsibilities include:
  • Attend all RNC meetings
  • Deliver RNC messages to the state and/or local committee(s)
  • Facilitate party utilization of RNC information and resources
  • Meet often with local and state party leaders
  • Communicate with the RNC Regional Political Director
  • Work to ensure party unity as an effective moderator, should internal disputes arise
  • Work to implement RNC National programs in Kansas
  • Work with state party leaders to develop and coordinate party programs
  • Act as a spokesperson for the Kansas GOP
  • Be willing to travel and give speeches
  • Maintain a presence and involvement in state and local activities
  • Work with state party leaders as a productive member of the State Finance Committee
  • Serve as a surrogate when needed to campaign for state and local candidates
  • Support the work of the party with personal financial contributions
  • Engage grassroots activists and actively recruit new party workers
RNC Meetings

RNC Committee Members attend three annual meetings: The January Winter Meeting, the Spring Meeting in April or May and the Summer Meeting in July or August.

When RNC Committee Members meet, they vote on proposals that maintain essential business of the party such as review of the annual RNC budget, review of Member-submitted resolutions and review & interpretation of Party Rules, among other things.

RNC Committee Members are responsible for making travel and lodging arrangements and personally providing all funds required for travel and attendance at RNC meetings.

Terms of Office

An RNC Committee Member is elected to a four-year term which commences at the adjournment of the Republican National Convention immediately following their election and lasts until the adjournment of the following quadrennial National Convention.


RNC Committee Members are a reflection on the National Party and the conservative movement. They are viewed as leaders and friends at all levels of the party. Their conduct should be professional and respectful in all situations. An RNC Committee Member must present an articulate, flexible and understanding demeanor while remaining firm in their beliefs and commitment to the Republican Party. Finally, as a leader in the Republican Party, the primary role of a National Committee Member is to help Republican leaders win elections on the local, state and national level.